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Title: Jack's ghost
Post by: jjeff on May 20, 2021, 01:24 PM
Toward the end of the movie, Ennis' life seems empty and miserable. He lives alone in the middle of nowhere in a horrid mobile home. He has deliberately shut out everyone and seems to live entirely in the past. All he really has is the memories of Jack. But I wonder if others see this the way I do. I think he also has Jack's ghost. Right at the end there is a scene in which Ennis buttons the top button of Jacks shirt and says, "Jack, I swear." Knowing the compulsive aspect of the Ennis and the button, I'm sure he has fastened the button before. That only makes sense. I get the feeling, or maybe I like to believe, that Jack keeps unbuttoning the button and Ennis keeps buttoning it again. It is sort of a reflection of Jack's impulsiveness and Ennis' fastidiousness. Is it Jack's ghost just trying to be "sexy"?