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In keeping with the forum guidelines that wish to preserve clarity and cohesion in the various threads, this topic has been created for members to post and read news articles and tributes dealing with Heath.

Henceforth, please use the thread Heath Ledger - In Loving Memory  to share your feelings and/or to commiserate with other members.

Use this thread to post and comment on news updates and tribute articles pertaining to Heath.

Out of respect for Heath, we ask members to please be very selective when posting articles on this thread.  Specifically, we do not want this place to be used as a launching pad for articles that seek to foster gossip, rumors, and innuendoes that would be hurtful to the memory of Heath and to the feelings of his family, friends, and -- most especially -- other fans and members of this forum.

We discourage the posting of articles that foster hate, division, and the brand of intolerance that is so alien to the legacy of Heath and BBM.

We ask the members not to take it against the moderators if they intervene every once in a while in the interest of these aims.  Likewise, we do not hold any mistakes made against the members who post here.

We only seek to encourage a friendly and sympathetic exchange of information.

It is only through this that we can clarify Heath's legacy to us -- a legacy free from malicious speculation and/or outright lies.  He deserves no less.

Thank you!

Heath's last project may yet be saved.  Apparently, Johnny Depp has tapped to fill in for Heath.  The article also notes that the scenes with Heath that had already been shot may yet be saved by a sleight of hand.

I consider this a tribute from one great actor to another.

Heath Ledger In Retrospect: '10 Things' You Didn't Know About The Actor

"Live with Dan Abrams" (MSNBC)

"Live with Dan Abrams" (MSNBC)

1.) The show discusses the funeral picket plans of the Westboro Baptist Church.

2.) Dan Abrams also criticizes Fox News commentator John Gibson's ridicule of Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc. in Brokeback Mountain on a recent broadcast of his radio show.

3.) An interesting comment was made by one of the commentators during "Live with Dan Abrams" about how much Heath Ledger's preparation for his role as the Joker in the lastest Batman movie, "Dark Knight,"  took its toll on his inability to sleep.

John Gibson Radio


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