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Posting Tips - Insert Images, hyperlink and Quote

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So you've arrived at this forum (message board)! Welcome! Perhaps you've been looking at the board index or a screen telling you that you need to register before you can read it and you're wondering what to do next?

You can read and post including start a new topic. There are four areas in the forum.

   1. The Main Menu
   2. The Board Index
   3. The Message Index
   4. The Topic

For more details, please visit

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When you post, you can format your post in many different ways. You can also include images or link in your post. During posting, you will see a list of buttons on top of the test box. The link below is the reference for these buttons. You can either click the buttons or enter the codes.;page=post#bbc

Here are some basic "Bulletin Board Codes" The codes use [    ] your text or link here [/    ]

To bold ,
--- Code: ---[b]your text here[/b]
--- End code ---
  => your text here

To include a hyperlink - Use this code
--- Code: ---[url]http://enter the URL address here [/url]
--- End code ---

To include an image. Use
--- Code: ---[img]http://the link to the photo[/img]
--- End code ---

You can also use free image hosting sites such as,,, and and copy the links of the location in your post using this icon .

Resize a photo - add width= and specify a number such as 600

--- Code: ---[img width=600] your image URL [/img]
--- End code ---

After you have uploaded your photos, make sure you get the larger versizon of photo, not the thumnail. You can right click on the photo and select "Properties" to see its image location.   

To access to the last post in a topic, click on the icon .

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When you want to respond to a particular post, you can click "Quote" button on that post.

If you want to quote multiple posts, you will see "insert quote" below the reply post box for each post. Just click it and the post(s) will be quoted in the text box.


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