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Important forum upgrade + New Features

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The forum is ready for upgrade. The upgrade is scheduled on September 13, Sunday at 7 pm, EST

Other time zones will be

Pacific Time, 4:00 pm
Mountain Time: 5:00 pm
Central Time:  6:00 pm
Eastern Time:  7:00 pm
United Kingdom:  12:00 midnight
Western Europe:  01:00 am (September 14)
Central Europe:  2:00 am (September 14)
Taiwan: 7:00 am (September 14)
Australia (Sydney): 9:00 am (September 14)

During upgrade, the forum will be in maintenance mode and not accessible. The approximate time to complete is 3 hours. It will be back live as soon as it is complete.

What can you help us before upgrade?

1. If you uploaded your avatar to the forum, please make a back up and upload to other sites such as photobucket and use that URL. If you don't make the change before September 13, your avatar will not be displayed after upgrade.

2. Before upgrading, the forum will back up all data. Please help us reduce the size of the backup by exporting your PMs and delete them from the server.

What changes should you expect?

Other than new features (see posts below in this thread), the only two that won't be available are

1. Member Map.
2. Option to upload your avatar.

How would you be affected after the upgrade?

1. The elimination of member map will cause all current flags displayed in your profile and post disappeared. You will need to manually select your country flag by modifying your profile.
2. If you uploaded your avatar to the forum and did not make a change to a URL prior to upgrade, you will see your avatar missing.

What should you do after the upgrade?

Nothing really. Just log on and play around! If you experience any difficulty or problems, please report in the thread below or contact mods.

Do you know the forum has a board for posting?


If you have any comment/feedback/question, we would be glad to hear them in the following thread

Google translation of this thread in other languages. Click the flag for the language of your choice. The translation may not be 100% accurate but it will give you some ideas.

Homepage - you will see a slight change with the pic in the middle and with the addition of "Recent Topics"

After logging in with your username and password, you will see a new header that has BBM greetings, links to your account settings and snapshot of forum stats.

The upgrade will enhance the profile that changes the layout and other additional fields.

Click on "profile" on the menu and you will see the following.

To edit your profile, click on  "edit profile" on the header. Here you can set up your avatar, country flag, BBM anniversary, signature, etc. You can also enter links to your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. If you have livejournal or other websites, you can enter it in the website field.

Important note - after the upgrade, the forum will not have the Member Map and it will impact your country flag currently displayed in your profile. To have your country flag, you will need to modify your profile and choose the flag after forum upgrade.

For more details on how to add your avatar, click HERE

Two new flags were added for your selection - if the flag you are looking for is not in the list, please let the admins know.


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