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Yup, once again...some observations of mine... :i   Actually I was motivated by some other discussion going on on the forum.

BBM has been rated rather differently around the world..even in the 'western''s IMDB's data.

Here are some observations from my 20 minutes 'on-lining'; the name of a country is a link to the site of the national board/committee/office; some have also some verbal 'arguments'.

Finland                      11
"An adult drama with forbidden, homoerotic love. Some love making scenes, which are mostly rather referential. Also some violent scenes. General atmosphere is brooding."

Sweden                    7
"Elements of fight, threat and quarrel."

Denmark                  11

Norway                     11
"Two young men and their erotic relationship that they try to keep hidden from their wives and families for many years, contains some fighting."

Germany                  12
und hier.

The Netherlands        12

France              tout public/all audiences

UK                          15
"Contains strong language, moderate sex and violence."

Ireland                    16
"Moderate/strong violence, language and sexual content."

US                          R (17?, please, revise me)

The emphasis in different countries is quite obvious: violence vs. nudity/sex.

The Canadian site isn't working at the moment and I couldn't find links to Italy or Spain, por favor/per favore, señora MPJ, señor WcI & il signor Marte  O0.

If you know any other rating boards/committees/offices, please let me/us know.


Spain Originally "Not recommended for children under 13 years", now since this year 2010, under 12 years.

Thanks WcI!
The Spanish DVDs don't mention anything on rating.

In Italy the age limit is 14; found on the DVD.

Actually the rating in Canada is the same as United States as both countries are one single market for release dates and rating.  Good point we get new (American) movies at the same time they are relased in U.S.A.

Thanks chameau!

My original thought was as yours but the IMDB shows something different: 13 for Québec and 14 for the rest of Canada. Also this page disagrees.

In Japan the age limit is 12 as shown here


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