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Riverton WY - The Rendezvous City


Happened across this the other day, Riverton WY has adopted a motto for their city, and have even posted it on their web site, chamber of commerce site, and the new brick welcome sign they've built at the entrance to their city:

The Rendezvous City
I find this pretty remarkable, and hard to believe it is just a cooincidence. Seems they would have to be thinking of Ennis and Jack in 1967, what a great place to "get it together", huh? No picture of their famous kiss though. Also pretty amazing is that they would choose a "French" word, my, my, how times have changed in rural Wyoming.

Wow! I honestly wonder if it has anything to do with the movie? It has else would they explain the "rendezvous" part?


   Apparently it refers to this:

   Riverton sits at the convergence of the Big Wind and Little Wind Rivers which has been a meeting place and crossroads since pre-historic times. Chief Washakie, Jim Bridger and Sacajawea are only a few of the legends that walked this land. As well as being the site of the 1838 mountain man rendezvous making Riverton truly a place to gather.

   Deep in my heart I'd wish for a BBM origin, of course ....  <^(    ... and that at least a few of the Riverton dwellers are conscious of the double meaning (if not Brokies!!  :c) ) !!!!
Really love the idea of Riverton as a rendez-vous city!   <^(

 ;D ;D O0 :^^) Mais oui! Merci, Jackster.  :^^) :c)


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