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A Return to Brokeback Mountain: Photos & Interviews from the Historic Hollywood

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   Probably it's just me again who missed it (and didn't find it mentioned on EJ)  ^*()  but  ---  Anyone knows or heard of THIS?
A Return to Brokeback Mountain: Photos & Interviews from the Historic Hollywood Premiere
Kindle Edition by Nicholas Snow (Author, Editor, Photographer) ...

A ReturnTo Brokeback Mountain. On November 29, 2005, Entertainment Journalist Nicholas Snow was on the red carpet for the historic Hollywood premiere of Brokeback Mountain (which actually took place at the Mann National Theater in Westwood California). Everyone in attendance that night became a part of history, helping to launch a movie that would transform the lives of countless people around the world.. Brokeback Mountain would go on to become the most beloved, financially successful and critically acclaimed gay-themed films ever made, conveying the deep, undeniable humanity of authentic love, as well as the reasons for and costs of locking that love in the darkest closets. This book includes historic interviews and photos from that fateful premiere night. It's time to Return to Brokeback Mountain with Nicholas Snow.


 I copy the link  .... You can flip through the content overview and the first pages of the book here:

Thank you, BBsoul! Personally, I have never heard of this book before. There is only a Kindle edition? No "real" book?


  As yet I didn't figure out about a ,real book'  (although I can hardly imagine there is NOT  ^*() ) ...
                      In case of any news about this from anyone's side I hope we'll meet at this place again.   ;) :)


Yes, rendez-vous here in case of new informations!   :c)  ;) 



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