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Forum will not close as announced

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After the announcement of forum closure, I have thought long and hard and spent more time in the last few days in the forum reading old threads than in the past few years. I have also read the posts in the closing thread and received emails from members who have never posted and shared their thoughts about the forum with me. Each one moved me to tears. Many long time members have also logged in perhaps to pay the last tribute to this special place before it is taken down. Each one of you have made the forum so special over the years. The forum is like a sanctuary where Brokies like us can go when they need to and find others who can listen and share which is impossible sometimes in real life.

The movie touched and changed us many years ago and I am sure it continues to do so as time goes on. For all these reasons, I can't close the forum and am happy to tell you that the forum has moved to a new hosting server and will not close as planned. I look forward to seeing you in the forum from time to time.

Sorry to stress you out in the last few days. Come visit the forum whenever you need to. The forum activities are not as busy as it used to be but please post away when you have something to share. We are always listening and are in spirit near and far.

As Jack said, "Ya know it could be like this, just like this always."



Thank you Ethan <^(

Pleasure is all mine.  :cr)


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