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The shirts. No, not that part.


I canít decide if this is a continuity error or deliberate. Iím leaning toward deliberate except I canít make it make sense. Am I overthinking? Absolutely.
So in the FNIT Ennis is wearing his darker shirt. The next morning he rides off and we later see Jack doing their laundry (heís pounding Ennisí light shirt).  It appears to be dusk on the same day (as indicated by the natural progression of time) where Jack meets Ennis at the sheep, then later still that same night where Ennis sits nervously by the fire while Jack undresses in the tent... except now heís wearing the light shirt.
I cannot picture a scene where he changes shirts. Is Jack like ďhere you go, a nice clean shirt for you to wear right before I take it off you againĒ and ennis awkwardly undresses and changes? Or does he even more awkwardly wash himself while Jack just sits there? I mean Iím sure Ennis wants to be a gentleman and be clean, I just canít picture the interaction.


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