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How old was Ennis when he lost his parents?


And where did he and his siblings go? We know they lost the ranch and that his brother and sister “raised him mostly”. K.E. is only 3 years older than Ennis, were they all minors? Did they stay with a family member? What would have been normal in that time and place?

It looks from the short story that he was 14, which fits with the movie where he said that after his parents died, he got a year of high school before the truck gave out. Eventually his sister moved out to get married (looks like they stayed in the family home until then) and he and his brother went to get jobs on a ranch till Ennis turned 19. Then his brother got married and that meant no room for Ennis. Which is how he wound up on Brokeback that summer. So K.E. would have been 17. I don't remember if they said how old the sister was.

I had a friend who was raised by a teenaged older brother when his parents died when he was 12 so it certainly happens.


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