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Is anyone else as tired as I am of continuing to read and hear critics call BBM a box office failure. Let's take a look here. BBM has to-date grossed over $76 million domestically and another $51 million overseas. At a production cost of $14 million, this is to my calculations over an 800 percent return on investment. Wouldn't we all like to realize those kind of returns on our own personal investments? Take a look at King Kong for instance, to-date it has grossed $217 million on a $207 million productiion cost. Hardly a box office success would you say? Yet, King Kong is considered a box office hit because it had a $50 or $60 million opening weekend. Big deal. it still flopped. BBM has appeal to a limited audience, (those people with a brain and a heart). It also carries an R rating meaning children under 17 are not admitted. This rules out all those soccer moms who won't be scheduling thier kids birthday parties at the noon showing of BBM. The bulk of movie sales are composed of children under twelve whose parents pack the van with the neighborhood kids to see Harry Potter, Narna, King Kong, etc. The remainder are the twelve to 17 group whose parents would rather allow them to see blood and gore and bullets and murder, than see two human beings fall in love and how they deal with it in the world they live in. BBM is an overwhelming success on all counts. It is a financial success, a critical success, an artistic success,  and has raised the social conscious and touched the hearts of millions of people who have seen the film. It will have positive social ramifications, long after King Kong has become another $4.99 video in the sale bin at the local video store.


I totally agree with you. BBM is more than a simple movie. I think it will last on theaters still a long time (compared to others movies) because people who see it tell their relatives to go to watch it too. And it will last in our hearts forever...

Audrey twist:
                         brokeback mountain is a success


--- Quote from: Audrey twist on Nov 24, 2006, 08:31 PM ---                         brokeback mountain is a success

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is that....alma jr. ( kate mara ) in the pic or are my eyes playing trics on me again? do you by any chance happen to have a bigger one?!

Audrey twist:
I'm sorry is not kate mara,is dominique swain ;)


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