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bubbaluna & balchy28 have volunteered to help edit our weekly newsletter. And we need your help.

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May 1 - 7

If you have any items from this forum that may interest the members, please post them here. Thank you for your support.

If you'd like to be a part of editing team, please post your name in the following topic.

I want everyone to know that I am the lucky one in the friendship between Lauren and I.  She is a wonderful listener, and gives great advice.  It is my honor to call her, FRIEND.

It would be so wonderful if I could go to England and give her a great big hug and kiss.  Thank you Lauren.

This might be another to revisit:

Thanks Jim, it will certainly be revisited.

I think I'm insecure enough to ask in the Newsletter if there are many (or any) others besides myself who have found almost their entire waking hours with Jack & Ennis at the forefront of their thoughts, and view different everyday situations largely in relation to BBM.  Maybe start a thread dealing with this?  I'm beginning to get a little worried.



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