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We upgrade the forum today and are excited to provide more features in this forum. Here are a few new features.

1. No more banner ads.  ;D

2. Spell check for posting.

3. Sticky topics - those are the topics already staying on the top of board with this icon

4. Event Calendar - On top of the page, you will see this icon . When you scroll down to the forum home page, you will see a section of upcoming events.

5. File attachment with a post -  You can attach the following file types: txt, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, mpg, png
Maximum attachment size allowed: 128 KB. In order to attach file, you must a registered member and have at least 10 posts. To attach files, cllick "Additional Options" under the text box and you can browse the files from the location of file and attach.

More to come.

-- save for future use --

Great work web...master! x ;)


--- Quote from: frog123 on Dec 28, 2005, 03:28 PM ---Great work web...master! x ;)

--- End quote ---

Thank you. Moderator. You rock too. I am still learning all these new features. Let's get more people to this forum.

Dear BBM forum members,

The forum went live on December 19, 2005 out of my pure obsession with BBM. After more than a month, the forum has grown to the size of more than 1100 members with more than 10000 posts. I am grateful to your contribution, many of them heartfelt and thought provoking. Coming to this forum and reading these posts make most of my days. I can't express my gratitude to everyone enough for enriching the experience of this forum. You bring this forum to live.

As the forum grows larger, the workload for the moderators also increases. Our moderators volunteer their time and effort because of their passion for BBM. I'd kindly ask you to read and follow the guidelines. As you wander around in the forum,  please let us know if you have question or concern on specific posts. It may happen sometimes that posts or topics are edited or deleted. Please understand the decision of doing so doesn't come easily. The forum belongs to everyone and it is important for everyone to make it a friendly, supportive and informative community. For that, we rely on your help.

Please report the following to the administrative staff immediately.

1. You receive suspicious spam via PM or email. Please note the forum does not email or PM members with commercial messages, or any activities related to the forum. Any update will ONLY be announced publicly in the forum.

2. You are concerned with the content of the topic/post

3. You encounter situations where administrative assistance is required.

Thank you again for supporting BBM and this forum. BBM really got us good.

Ethan - administrator


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