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So long BBM in US theaters :-(

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If the Showtimes link on IMDB is correct, tonight marks the end of Brokeback's continuous run in US theaters.  The last theater showing it, Market Square in Madison, Wisconsin, has showings at 7:00pm and 9:40pm.  After that 9:40 showing ends, there will be noplace in the entire USA to see Brokeback on the big screen.

This day had to come, but it doesn't make it less sad!

I was fortunate enough to duck out of work and see the last matinee in that very theater a week ago today.  If only I had the time tonight I'd head over that way, but it's about 90 minutes from where I live and it just doesn't work.

 :'( :'( Bye bye BBM. But look at the brighter side, BBM is now in many US homes and most importantly in our hearts.

Thanks, delamidex for the update. I am sure one day BBM will return to the big theatre.

Oh, dalemidex, somehow that makes me sad......... But thanks for the info.

Ethan : true, it will forever remain in our hearts, and after death too.

Hi everyone,

FYI, there are showings of BBM in a few theaters across the US in June. 

June 2-4 Hutchinson, KS - The Fox Theater
June 12-14 San Francisco, CA - The Castro Theater
June 29  Atlanta, GA - The Fox Theater

All three theaters are older theaters that have been beautifully renovated.  If you're in those areas, you should look them up.  Both Fox theaters boast the largest screen in their states!  I think because of the love for BBM, there will be revivals of this beautiful movie every now and then.

I had the same feelings when Brokeback left the Calcutta theatres. It was the last place in India where BBM was still playing in theatres. :(


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