Author Topic: "Why 'Brokeback Mountain' Frightens"  (Read 18044 times)

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Re: "Why 'Brokeback Mountain' Frightens"
« Reply #30 on: Nov 06, 2008, 09:23 AM »
Am glad to know that u r positive too to see a better future….I think that’s how civilization takes place…I think that when the middle east will see the other countries of the world progressing and seeing things from a broader perspective they will realize that it is not wrong. I think Media can play a very important role in bringing this change…Internet is a better source as sometimes newspapers can be curtailed but internet can really make one feel like a free mind and the internet can bring more awareness…

Brokeback mountain dint even get released in Dubai for the people here to actually realize what a masterpiece it is. Thanks to the internet I was able to watch the film online…

I hope you get the opportunity to buy the DVD as well. You will love the additional features, like interviews and comments.

The one thing that really annoys me with the media in many countries is that they give a very wrong impression about gays...I mean they will be like they speak differently and live differently....But it is such a crap and so untrue..I mean why spoil the minds of people and make humor out of such a sensitive issue…This needs to be changed at an alarming rate…Brokeback Mounatin frightens people as it challenges the laws made in the past....I think that Media and State r the 2 major forces that can bring a change...When the awareness of people will increase as well as the reformation of many countries, the Middle East and also other countries who r not accepting this will have a more open minded opinion…lets hope for the best…

Yup. Stereotypes are almost invariably wrong because few people fit into stereotypes. There are as many different variety of gay people as there are different variety of, well, people. Unfortunately, it is human nature to classify, categorize, and label people. It is why prejudice is universal, and only lately recognized as such to be eradicated by all. Sometimes it takes not only intellectual AND political leadership, but also cultural AND spiritual leaders who value justice and compassion more than their own sense of righteousness. Humility is the distinguishing trait of a great leader, and is very rare. I doubt if there are many in the world.
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Re: "Why 'Brokeback Mountain' Frightens"
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Thankyou Lancecowboy… :) ^f^
I think it is so wrong to categorize gays and straight people..We cannot put poople in categories and say that a person will be like that…BBM frightens as it challenges all these categorization made by man..It shows that love can be very shared between 2 people irrespective of gender or many such rules made by mankind.,..Gays can be as muscular, thin or fat and manly looking like other straight guys,…But this is not understood by most of the people..Its really sad and whenever I come across a situation when they r shown in a wrong light, I always correct people from my side..

It is wrong when people r categorized as normal or abnormal on sexual orientation…I have always felt that the Media needs to give people the correct picture.....Even today the Media in many countries give a perception to people that gays r not normal..they will be like Gays r very peculiar in talking etc..As u said that very few people fit in the stereotypes…To give u some good news there has been a recent Indian film in Hindi langauge in which there is a conscious effort to show them in a better light...The film is “My brother Nikhil” in which the main character caught AIDS and he was a gay but his partner dint have AIDS…The reason he got AIDS was not disclosed but as his partner dint have it... there was a point proven that AIDS is not a homosexual disease which was a myth for a very long time in India. The gay couple were looking very normal and dint have any peculiar gate or voice..This movie was a great start to revolutionize the mindset of people in Asia..“My brother Nikhil” was a really good film to show people about the reality of gays ..The film dint run in many theatres though…After that film the media is slowly bringing change but it will take time..This reformation is a gradual process but I am sure that it will be better in time..

Being a straight woman I have the freedom of being with a guy and I really hope that all can cherish and enjoy the freedom that straight people have… I can hope for the best ..I always have…I really feel that every human has the right to feel free and live the way he wants to as long as he does not hurt himself or anyone else…..lets hope for a time of freedom of will that was Ennis and Jack’s dream that dint come true for them… lets hope that it comes true for many who go through the same as they did..