Author Topic: missing the Golden Globe awards?  (Read 3925 times)

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missing the Golden Globe awards?
« on: Jan 19, 2006, 04:02 AM »
totally forgot about it.  The morning after (Jan. 17), I woke up only to look at my cell and find out that it was January 17.. and i thought.. wasn't the awards last night? It sure was.. and you don't even know how pissed I am at myself for missing it.   My favorite movie of all time was on there with tons of nominations.  I went out, but i couldve stayed at home and watch it.  Aw shucks, and they don't play reruns of award shows..

If anybody here recorded it, know if award shows come on DVD, or knows where I can view it, please let me know.   I don't have a credit card or paypal, heck i can't even buy stuff online.. (only 18) but if anybody wants to let a fellow brokeback mountain fan borrow it (by mail, only takes a day for me to watch it and ill send it back), i'd GREATLY appreciate it.  Or if its local ( i live in Fountain valley, which is in Southern California... for those who don't know its the city next to all the other cities : Huntington beach, costa mesa, anahiem, etc) I can pick it up

You don't even know how much that would mean to me.. I wanna see what they had to say, the facial expressions, they're reactions.. darn it.  Also the jay leno one.  was it last nite or the nite before? i dont remember, but when i got to the channel, jay was talking with Heidi (from Project runway) and heath ledger was sitting right next to her! I watched the whole show, hoping heath would be talking next.. but he didn't, and he talked before heidi.  Argh.. again i missed that so if anybody recorded it, you know the drift! please i beg you! if i dont, i will go crazy.  Seriously. Heh, as funny as that sounds
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